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is now available on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox

How to use Netflix Party to Stream Movies with your Friends

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Until then, you might be using Netflix only to watch all your favorite shows, movies, series, short films, and other videos. But now you can even stream and add people worldwide, including your friends and close ones, while watching the same to double the streaming entertainment. Thus, you can have fun and make some blissful memories out of this chaotic world. So please don’t go anywhere; open up your browser and install the Netflix Watch Party Extension onto it. And prepare yourself for a wonderful streaming night, where you can even get your dearest friends' company to join.

Now, if you think that your work ends here? Then, you need to rethink, as there is a lot to do in order to start a Netflix Watch Party. And let your friends join in by inviting them to it. In the downward information, you will also learn about the specifications and functions to make your watch party even more entertaining. So without any further delay, let’s get started and explore more about the Netflix Watch Party.      

How to Stream with Friends via Netflix Watch Party? 

There are a number of steps that you can apply in order to begin streaming videos with your friends via the Netflix Party extension. So, let’s get started: 

1. In order to include third-party interference while streaming, click here to install the Netflix Party extension. To successfully install the Netflix Party extension, you must have a compatible web browser such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. And also a laptop/PC of Windows, Chromebooks, or Mac. 

2. The work doesn’t end at installing the Netflix Party Chrome extension, as pinning it to the browser's toolbar is evenly important. And to do so, click on the "pin" icon and add an extension to the top-right corner of the screen. Moreover, click on the puzzle icon if you can’t find the Netflix Party Chrome extension. 

3. Now, you need to login into your Netflix streaming account; if you are an existing user of Netflix. To join the Netflix Watch Party, the other watch party members must also have a Netflix account and log in to it.   

4. Logging into the Netflix streaming service lets you search and select the video you want to watch with your brats. After selecting the video, play it and then pause it for a while before steaming.

5. Next, you need to create the Netflix Watch Party extension to share it with other watch members to invite them to your Netflix Party. And do so, visit the web browser and launch the Netflix Party extension by clicking on the extension icon. 

6. Consequently, it will show you a "CREATE A WATCH PARTY" window along with a "START WATCH PARTY" button. It is required to click on that button to create a Netflix Watch Party link.  

7. You need to share the Netflix Party link with other watch party members in order to invite them to your watch party. And once the Netflix Party members receive the invitation link from the watch party host, they can click on it to let themselves in while streaming. 

8. And that’s how you can organize and join the Netflix Party. And taste unlimited streaming entertainment with your brats and close ones.


What can you do more on Netflix Watch Party?

There is a list of some additional specifications and functions that the Netflix Party Chrome extension carries. Remember, using them can help you lift your movie streaming night. So without further delay, let’s see how these functions work and let you do more on your watch party:      


1. If only watching a movie or show bores you, then you must try this “Group Chat" option. Moreover, via this “Group Chat” option, you can chit-chat, express your views. And even much more with friends, along with streaming movies. 

2. Another specification it carries is accessing the Netflix Party extension globally hassle-free. But make sure your current location has the availability of Netflix streaming services.

3. Besides everything, it also gives control over the Netflix Watch Party in the host's hand. And to enable controllability, the host has to turn “On” the "Only I Have Control" button. At the same time, to disable controllability, the host has to turn “Off” the same button. Having control over the Watch Party lets the host play, pause, and fast-forward the video whenever they want.

4. How can we remember the watch party profile after including everything? Therefore, having a “Profile Customization” lets the watch party members add the coolest nicknames and profile icons to their profile.  

5. The last specification is related to picture quality, which is available in HD resolution. Plus, the video playback is in sync with free and hassle-free steam.

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