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How to use Netflix Party to Watch Shows with Friends From Home

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You are close to your friends once and unless you have a Netflix Watch Party extension. If you need to get more familiar with this online Netflix Party Extension tool? Then, it is an online, freely accessible extension tool by Netflix that lets you watch movies, shows, series, and much more on the Netflix streaming platform. Besides streaming alone or in private, you can even make your Netflix Watch Party more engaging and socializing. Now, you must be thinking about how to do so. Then, you need to install the Netflix Party Chrome Extension on your system. 

Plus, create a watch party, where you can invite your friends and close ones, even if they live in distant places. Moreover, it is an amazing extension that gives you the option to use its wholesome features at your watch party while streaming. If you are eager to know, what are these features? At the same time, the process of creating a Netflix Watch Party and adding your friends to it. Without putting much effort, jump onto the below information.    


Usage of Netflix Party Extension to Watch Shows and Movies 

Knowing about Netflix Watch Party is only valuable once or if you experience it practically by installing the Netflix Party extension. But remember, your work doesn’t end with installing the Netflix Party Chrome extension. As there’s a lot to do to create your Netflix Party:  

1. The beginning of your Netflix Party starts with installing the Netflix Party extension. And to do so, you can click here to install the extension. Besides, you must have a Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge web browser. And a compatible device such as Chromebooks, Windows, and Mac PC/laptop. 

2. If you installed the Netflix Party Chrome extension, now it's time to pin it to your browser's toolbar. And to do so, click on the "pin" icon to add the Netflix Party extension to the top-right corner of the screen. It is advised to click on the puzzle icon to find the extension if you can’t find it. 

3. Now, it's time to sign in to your subscription-based Netflix account to proceed. If you don’t have one, then you can create one to invite and add your friends and close ones. It is equally relevant for other watch party members to login into their accounts to join Netflix Watch Party.  

4. Login into your Netflix Watch Party redirects you to the Netflix streaming platform, where you search, select and play the video to stream. After playing the selected video at your watch party, pause it for a few minutes. It is an essential part of the proceeding. 

5. Selecting streaming stuff is only valuable once or if you create a medium to watch it. And to resolve this, you need to visit the browser and enable the extension by clicking on its icon. Doing so will show you a "CREATE A WATCH PARTY" window, where you can see a "START WATCH PARTY" button. Being a host, you need to click that button to create the watch party link. 

6. In order to let you join the Netflix Watch Party, the host will send you a watch party invitation link. As a joiner, you need to click the invitation link to enter the entertaining streaming world. 

Outstand Netflix Watch Party via Amplified Attributes 


If you want to outstand your Netflix Party and make it a five-rated one? Then, it is highly recommended to use its amplified features or attributes while streaming at your watch party. And these are:  


1. Let’s not put ourselves in boredom by streaming and streaming only. Here, a “Group Chat'' feature lets you converse in a group chat box. You can even share emojis with messaging and texting to make your chat intense and engaging.

2. Netflix Party extension is a boundless extension that can be easily accessed and installed worldwide. But make sure that the availability of Netflix must be available in your current location. Moreover, via the “Global Accessibility” feature, the host can invite people worldwide to join the watch party.      

3. The next aspect that the Netflix Party Chrome extension has is “Watch Party Control,” which lets the host run its Netflix Party in its own way. And to do so, the host can turn “On” the "Only I Have Control" button. Consequently, it lets the host play, pause, and fast-forward the video anytime. Being a host, if you are not fond of taking charge into your hands, then you can release the control by turning “Off” the same button. 

4. Let's enhance your profile, which is more like your reflection at the watch party. Therefore, you can use the

“Profile Customization”

feature to give a touch of enhancement. Moreover, using this feature lets the watch party members customize their profile by adding cool & cute nicknames as usernames and profile icons as your Netflix party profile picture.

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