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How to Use the Netflix Party Chrome Extension

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Besides streaming on Netflix, we also have several unique ways of watching our favorite movies, shows, series, and short films. And that alternate solution is nothing but a Netflix Watch Party extension. Using this Netflix Party extension enables watching all your favorite videos with your friends and family members. It doesn’t matter how far they live away; you are always close to them, until and unless you are using the Netflix Party Extension. Now, hold your breath, as there’s a lot more you can do on the Netflix Watch Party via its fun features.

Using these features brings a lot of joy and fun to your watch party, collectively enhancing your streaming experience. But the only little requirement that you need to fulfill is installing this extension on your system, which is entirely free of cost. Furthermore, to know how to do so, follow the below steps and be prepared to dive into the world of endless streaming and entertainment.         

How Does a Netflix Party Extension Come Into Use?  

Here, you have a few steps that make you aware of the true meaning of the usage of the Netflix Party Chrome extension. If you also have the plan to organize a Netflix Watch Party on your mind. Then, without wasting a single minute, straight jump onto the downward points: 

1. There’s no such rocket science to create a Watch Party on Netflix. Initially, you need to install the Netflix Party Chrome extension, which you can even do by clicking here. You must have a compatible web browser and a device to install it manually.  

2. To pin the extension to your browser's toolbar, click on the "pin" icon. So it can be added to the top-right corner of the screen. 

3. It is only possible to begin streaming by picking a video to watch. Therefore, to make it happen, you and other streamers need to sign in to your subscription-based Netflix account. 

4. Once you log in, search, and select the video that you would love to watch with your friends. Don’t forget to pause your selected video after playing it for a while.

5. In order to enable streaming, you need to create a watch party URL. Therefore, visit the browser and click on the Netflix Party extension icon. 

6. Next, it will show you a "CREATE A WATCH PARTY'' window and a "START WATCH PARTY" button. You need to click that button to create the watch party URL. 

7. After creating the watch party link, it's time to join the Netflix Watch Party. And to do so, the host has to send the watch party invitation link to the people he wants to invite. 

8. When the joiner receives the Netflix Party invitation URL. Then, the joiner can click on it to join the virtual party and chat, connect & engage. 

Netflix Party Must try Valuable Benefits 

Your Netflix Watch Party is complete once or if you use its beneficial features while streaming videos. And to know what these features are and their use, stay tuned: 


1. Group Chat: Using this feature lets you connect with your friends, even while watching videos. More precisely, drop your message or reply in the group chat box option to use this feature. 

2. Global Accessibility: No doubt, the availability of the “Netflix Watch Party” is available worldwide. And this specification makes it an extremely accessible and user-friendly extension for people.      

3. Watch Party Control: In order to stop abusiveness, the host needs to take control of the watch party in its hand. And to do so, enable the "Only I Have Control" button. So you can play, pause, and fast-forward the video whenever you want to. 

4. Profile Customization: Using this feature brings change and makes your Netflix Party looks attractive and interesting. All you need to do is to add cool & cute nicknames as usernames. Plus, profile icons as your Netflix party profile picture.

5. Seamless Syncing: Using this amazing feature lets you enjoy consistent streaming. Or let you enjoy playback videos in sync.

6. HD Resolution:

A good picture quality will only fulfill your streaming desires. Therefore, the Netflix Party Chrome extension comes along with inbuilt HD picture quality features.   

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