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Netflix Free Trial in 2023 – How Get 30 Days Account

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Undeniably, Netflix is a well-known name in today’s world of streaming and entertainment. Netflix has become everybody’s choice when it comes to spending time alone and escaping the outside chaos. If it's been a long time and you have not met your distant friends Then, don’t worry until and unless you have the Netflix Party that lets you connect with your friends worldwide. So you can enjoy watching movies, shows, series, and short films on Netflix with your friends. 

Moreover, the Netflix Party extension is freely accessible that offers exceptional features to enhance your binge-free experience. As per the rumours, Netflix has stopped its 30-day free trial service option, which it used to offer. But it's still everyone's favorite if we see its popularity and the wide range of streaming content it offers. Now, all the Netflix Watch Party can follow the information below as it carries information regarding what users can get on Netflix. 

Does Netflix Offer A 30-Day Free Trial? 

It is a great disappointment for Netflix users as Netflix has stopped its 30-day free trial service. If you don’t know, the 30-day free trial Netflix service allows its users to watch everything free for one month. The best part regarding this service was that users didn’t need to subscribe to Netflix before using it. Moreover, the free-trial service was not limited to a single show or movie. The users could watch the first episode of numerous TV shows, including Stranger Things, Love is Blind, Friends, and a lot more. Furthermore, the reason behind ending this service was the continuous misuse of the 30-day free trial by the people. 

Most people used to sign up with different email addresses or deactivate their accounts. Consequently, it affected the growth and marketing approach of Netflix. Plus, the other things related to Netflix, such as Netflix Watch Party and Netflix Party Chrome Extension. That’s why Netflix has to remove the free watch option and cancel the 30-day free trial period from their website. Hence, to begin streaming on Netflix via the Netflix Party extension, you need to subscribe to any of the plans offered by Netflix.


Available Plans On Netflix 

The availability plans offered by Netflix are divided into four types. And these are:

1. Basic with Ads: Owing this one will work on your Smart TV, PC, Smart Phone, and Tablet. Moreover, the Basic Plan with Ads will cost you $6.99/month. 

2. The Basic Plan: In the basic plan, you will get a good video quality of 720p at $9.99/month. Accelerate this plan on devices like tablets, SmartPhones, PCs, and TVs. 

3. Standard Plan: The standard plan can offer you better video quality with 1080p at $15.49/month. Use this plan on Smart TVs, tablets, Smartphones, and PCs. 

4. Premium plan: The standard plan offers its users 4K+HDR at $19.99/month. Users can find it compatible with smartphones, tablets, PCs, and Smart TVs. Using the Standard Plan, you can enjoy watching videos on four devices at a time.

Netflix Watch Party

Definitely, the suspension of the 30-day free trial service affected all Netflix Party users. But still, installing the Netflix Party extension is free of cost except for owning its subscription and plans. Once you install the Netflix Party chrome extension, you can invite and add your friends to stream together at your Netflix Watch Party. When it comes to streaming content, it offers popular TV shows, movies, and web series. Interestingly, it includes all themes such as Crime, Drama, Reality, Comedy, and a lot more. 

To level up your streaming experience, using the features while streaming can work best for you. And these user-friendly features are HD picture quality, Seamless Sync, Group Chat, Controllability, Profile Customization, Global Access, etc. The most appreciative thing about Netflix is that all the subscription plans are ad-free and offer free unlimited streaming content. 

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